10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé Served Jaw-Dropping Visuals In All Black

BLACKPINK’s Rosé may put the “Pink” in “BLACKPINK,” however, she can also rock an all-black look! Whether it’s a long latex dress or a casual look, Rosé proved an all-black look is stunning!

1. Let’s never forgot Rosé all-black look at Paris Fashion Week 2021

2. This pictorial is legendary! It’s filled with Rosé’s gorgeous visuals, latex, and all-black looks

3. Edgy yet cute

4. Those thigh-high boots go well with anything

5. A comfy outfit like this is the best to travel in!

6. She looks so beautiful in black and white

7. The prettiest Saint Laurent ambassador

8. You can never go wrong with an all-black dress outfit

9. She’s a total baddie in black

10. Rosé’s has the prettiest stage outfit

11. How can she look so angelic in all black?

12. Her outfit is shining but she’s shining even brighter!

13. Dark makeup for a dark outfit

14. Rosé is seriously breathtaking

15. Not just anyone can pull off puffy shoulders and platform but Rosé looks absolutely gorgeous

16. Her confidence on stage is incredibly charming and so is her outfit

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