Oh, how different things could have been?! According to Her, the character of Penny came close to not existing at all. Penny was initially set to be named Katie. Not only that, but the role almost went to someone else, a Canadian actress, Amanda Walsh.

Everything worked out in the end, and we can’t imagine the show thriving without Cuoco’s involvement. Not only did she make us laugh during the 12 seasons, but she also turned the temperature up in more than a couple of episodes with some stunning outfits, some we can say might’ve been too hot for CBS. We’ll look at some of her best companies from the earlier and recent seasons.!

15/15. Wonder Woman Outfit

She was a crucial part of the group’s Halloween costume as a member of the Justice League. Ultimately, Penny would go all-in with the attire, even dawning the black wig. The result was a not-so-PG look that all comic book fans would never complain about. Who did it better, Kaley or Gal Gadot?

14/15. Dressing For Leonard

We saw this on more than a couple of episodes; Penny dressed up in a not-so-PG outfit to entice her man – that’s a common thing not only on the show but in real life, too – who doesn’t appreciate their partner dressing up and adding excitement into the relationship? Penny achieves that with the outfit.

13/15. The Scene With Sheldon

Out of 12 seasons, this scene remains among the most iconic. While in the laundry room, we saw some memorable moments featuring Penny and Sheldon. This one ranks up because of the not-so-PG twist – one that saw Penny take it off while Sheldon watched on uncomfortably.

12/15. The Black Dress

Sheldon was confused about what Penny could have provided by showing up during this particular scene – Leonard would then tell her to take it off – a moment that would reveal Penny in a not-so-PG dress. Even Raj couldn’t look away; seriously, we can’t blame him.

11/15. Femdom Outfit

This scene kicked things up a notch in terms of the not-so-PG nature. We assume CBS cringed a little at the scene, showing Penny revealing a little bit too much while Leonard was also wrapped in minimal clothing. For some viewers at home, this was like a fantasy come to life…

10/15. Nothing But A Towel

This one isn’t an outfit but, instead, really just a towel wrapped around Penny. This photo comes from the earlier seasons – Penny’s shower broke, so she requested to use Leonard and Sheldon’s. We can say that Leonard’s love for Penny started around this point, and it would only snowball in the following episodes until the end.

9/15. Getting Ready

Popular Big Bang star Will Wheaton also took part in this scene; he was covered up in a costume. As for Penny, the opposite holds as she looks more than a little steamy. Had the scene lasted a little longer, maybe CBS would have sweated a little more.

8/15. Penny, Penny, Penny

Another iconic scene is Sheldon knocking on Penny’s door three times; the result is usually a nasty exchange between the two (which makes for great TV). In this scene, Penny answers the door in a not-so-PG outfit; it is way too early for Penny as Sheldon asks for a lift. He got his way, and so did the viewers with this white tank top choice…

7/15. Cat Outfit

At this point, the bond between Leonard and Penny starts to intensify. Leonard was also beginning to stand up for himself, even if it meant potentially getting his butt kicked by Penny’s massive ex-boyfriend. The not-so-PG cat outfit helped Penny’s cause – it was only one of the many times she would play dress up in a costume throughout the show.

6/15. Bedroom Outfit

Fans exhaled during this season as Penny completely altered her look. It took some time to adjust, though most of us agree she pulled the face off and then some. Fans, however, might’ve been too busy staring at Cuoco’s night-time outfit of choice. In the photo above, Penny is alongside Leonard as they share some pillow talk.

5/15. More Bedroom Talk

Even during the final episodes, Penny kept up with the provocative outfits. This particular blue ensemble reminds us of Penny’s days on the show, Charmed. Most fans might not know, but Penny almost got her Charmed spinoff, which might’ve meant passing on Big Bang… Thankfully, it all worked out in the end.

4/15. Another Black Dress

Cuoco grabs our attention with yet another stunning black dress. She did that a lot throughout the show’s 12 seasons. This particular dress compliments some of her best assets. It’s not an outfit suitable for a younger audience! Maybe CBS should have made this episode rated TV-14?

3/15. Cleavage Queen

This photo comes from Penny’s earlier days on the show. Cuoco thrived in the role even if the show didn’t last as long as expected. Her stock would reach new heights during Big Bang – we can’t imagine anyone else in the role of Penny. She grew to stardom on a different network with ABC on 8 Simple Rules.

2/15. Revealing & Red

Believe it or not, Penny’s first love was tennis – she took on the sport at three. Her passion would last till her teens, though ultimately, she decided to leave the mark and pursue an acting career. We can safely say that she made the correct decision, becoming one of the most iconic sitcom stars of the 2000s.

1/15. Orange Bikini

The bikini turned everyone’s heads. This might be the most iconic not-so-PG outfit ever rocked by Penny during the show’s run. It was a new look for Penny, especially with her new head of hair. In terms of memorable outfits, this one will forever be atop the list.

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