8 Times BLACKPINK Jennie’s Waist Looked Too Snatched To Be Real

Whether she’s on stage or on Instagram, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie isn’t afraid to rock a crop top and show off her little middle! Check out her best moments revealing her tiny waist.

1. While performing on stage

Jennie shines brightest doing what she loves!

2. Doing Pilates

To stay fit, she loves being active and doing Pilates.

3. Mirror selfies

These iconic selfies left fans in shambles over her flawless figure.

4. Her iconic teddy bear photos

After losing weight, she showed off her tiny waist on Instagram.

5. For Calvin Klein

Jennie rocks a slender physique and defined abs in her photoshoots for Calvin Klein.

6. In a gorgeous silk dress

She showed off her “Instagram baddie” side in this gorgeous look!

7. During “Summer Diaries”

Fans were in awe of Jennie’s effortless look for the summer where she showed off her tiny waist in a crop top.

8. Her silhouette

It’s easy to see why she’s known for her ant waist.


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