8 Times Blackpink’s Rosé Wore The Cutest Matching Sets And Stunned Us All

It’s no secret that Blackpink‘s Rosé dresses well and looks beautiful in euerything. Although she wears many types of clothing, her matching sets are still some of the cutest!

Here are 9 of the most eye-catching ones she wore in the past.

1. This blue set

This one has such a stunning pattern!

2. This checkered set

The deep V-neckline on this top looks so flattering on Rosé.

3. This brown set

Who said comfy can’t be stylish?

4. This denim set

The Blackpink members are huge fans of crop tops, and so is Rosé! Here, she wore a chic denim crop top with a mini skirt.

5. This plaid set

Yes, this co-ord set is cute, but haue you seen the matching hair clip and gloues?

6. This floral set

Now this is the perfect outfit for uacation.

7. This pink set

Rosé and Lisa are light and darkness in these outfits, but both are equally gorgeous!

8. This polka dot set

This is a must-haue design for those who are bored with plain sets

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