A Taylor Swift Fan Who Couldn’t Get Eras Tickets Went Viral After He Got a Job Working Security at the Show

The ticketing situation for the Eras Tour was an undisputed debacle across the board, leaving thousands of Taylor Swift fans without tickets and in deep mourning. One Swiftie in Nashville was in that boat—until he creatively figured out a way to get paid to watch the show from premium floor seats and went viral for being an all-around A+ representative of the fandom.

Now that we most definitely have your attention/envy piqued, some details: The fan in question is Davis Perrigo and he, like many other Swifties, was deeply devastated when he failed to nab tickets for even one of the three Nashville dates on the Eras Tour. Instead of resigning to wallowing for all eternity or giving in to the temptation to spend several full paychecks on tickets on StubHub, Perrigo got creative and figured out a way to go to the show for free (actually, technically, for negative dollars). Because his day job is as an accountant, we ᴀssume he looked roughly like this while solving the Eras Equation:

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Perrigo’s hack was simple but brilliant: He applied for a job working security at the venue during the Eras Tour. So yeah, he figured out a way to not only get paid to go to the Eras Tour but also to have a choice view of the show. Unsurprisingly, he almost immediately slipped into fan mode, singing and dancing along with every song. Although Perrigo wasn’t allowed to have his phone out at “work” (lol), nearby Swifties did the lord’s work and captured his enthusiasm for posterity.

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“My wife jokes that I sing Taylor Swift songs with such pᴀssion for someone who’s never been broken up with,” Perrigo told News Channel 5 in Nashville when his fanboying went viral—something he’s very proud of, btw. “I showed someone at work, like, ‘Hey, this video got 10,000 views,’ and then by that night, it was over 1 million. I was like, ‘OMG, this is out of control.’”

BRB, checking job boards for all remaining Eras Tour venues immediately.

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