BLACKPINK Jisoo Shows Off Her Top Tier Visual In This Red Carpet Dress

BLACKPINK‘s red carpet appearance at this year’s Seoul Music Awards left fans in awe of their beauty however it was Jisoo‘s stunning black jeweled dress which left fans in awe of her amazing beauty.

Jisoo left fans in awe as she appeared on the red carpet wearing a black mini dress covered in stunning jewels and lace arms. Her undeniable beauty left fans in awe as her elegant yet youthful dress accentuated her beautiful figure.

This wasn’t the first time Jisoo left fans in awe of her amazing red carpet outfits as 2016, 2017, award seasons comes to close fans have complemented her outfits and beauty. Jisoo’s recent fluffy outfit on stage at the 31st Golden Disk Awards also left fans in awe while her red carpet outfit also received compliments as she was compared to a Disney Princess.

BLACKPINK are fast becoming trendsetters in the Korean music industry not only with their music but their red carpet fashion. Members Jennie, Rose, and Lisa have all also received praise for their stunning looks and fashion sense.

Take a look at Jisoo’s amazing red carpet outfit below.

Jisoo’s elegant black dress left fans in awe of her beauty.

Jisoo looked perfect from every angle. The dress accentuated her perfect figure. Jisoo is both youthful and elegant.

BLACKPINK is the ultimate visual girl group.

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