BLACKPINK’s Jennie Impresses Netizens With Her Dedication After Revealing A Painful Detail About Her “2023 Cannes Film Festival” Style

Netizens were impressed with BLACKPINK Jennie‘s dedication after she showed a painful detail that went into her 2023 Cannes Film Festival red carpet look in her latest vlog. In the vlog, Jennie took BLINKs behind-the-scenes of her preparations for her 2023 Cannes Film Festival debut.

In her vlog footage, Jennie admitted she was nervous about her appearance at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival and revealed that the concept for her first look was the Disney princess, Snow White.

Jennie switched it up, wearing a classic black gown with white accented hemlines while her hair pulled back into a rope braid.

As Jennie prepared her second Cannes Film Festival look, she filmed the process for her vlog and casually let viewers know that she was getting her ears pierced to complete the look.

While two people positioned themselves beside her to do the piercings, Jennie calmly sang and danced, not flinching as they pierced her ears.

Although the scene lasted less than 30 seconds, it left an impression on netizens as they shared how impressed they were with Jennie’s pain tolerance and dedication to the red carpet look.

Other eagle-eyed netizens noticed the tell-tale signs Jennie had her ears pierced before the red carpet photocall event after watching the vlog, pointing out that her ears were a little red due to having been recently pierced, earning even more admiration from BLINKs.

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