BLACKPINK’s Jennie Is Going Viral On Football Twitter By Manchester United Fans For This Iconic Reason

It seems like a day doesn’t go by without BLACKPINK‘s Jennie going viral or cementing her global influence in some way.

Whether it’s through her music, collaborations with some of the biggest worldwide brands, or even a trip during her free time, netizens can’t get enough of Jennie. It seems like she has the “Midas Touch,” where everything she touches turns to gold.

However, it seems like Jennie’s influence has now spread to sports, specifically football.

Recently, the world-famous football club Manchester United has been criticized after their terrible start to the season, after the team accumulated some surprising losses. Well, that all changed on August 22 when the group finally got a win against Liverpool.

But what does that have to do with BLACKPINK’s Jennie?

The reason that football fans are crediting Jennie for being their good luck charm is because of a look from BLACKPINK’s recent music video for the track “Pink Venom.” Of course, all the members looked amazing and shone with their talent, visuals, and charisma.

During the video, when Jennie is doing her iconic rap scene with Lisa, it was her outfit that started the hilarious link between football and BLACKPINK. While the music video contains some beautiful outfits, during this scene, Jennie is wearing a Manchester United jersey with her name on the back.

Jennie wearing the Manchester United jersey | BLACKPINK/YouTube


After the match, BLINKs noticed that Manchester United fans were creating edits of the idol. In the tweets from football fans, many even joked that Jennie was their “good luck charm” and the reason for the epic win.

Even before Manchester United finally got the win, football fans believed that Jennie would be a good omen to them, even adding that she was the football team’s only hope. Many also pointed out that Jennie went viral, and the stocks for the football team went up.

Western media outlets also got in on the fun, pointing out that Jennie and BLACKPINK could be exactly what the team needs to get a win…

While many are unsure whether the choice to wear the football jersey was due to BLACKPINK’s partnership with Adidas or Jennie’s genuine support for the team, it has definitely made for an unlikely collaboration.

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