BLACKPINK’s Lisa Goes Viral For Her Classically Beautiful Airport Look On The Way To Paris

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is once again grabbing everyone’s attention because of her beauty! After Jennie made headlines with her airport fashion on the way to Paris, Lisa followed with her own stunning style.

She quickly went viral online for her “Parisienne” beauty, with almost one million Tweets praising her style and looks.

Many couldn’t wait for her to set foot in Paris for a CELINE schedule, befitting her status as their global brand ambassador.

Wearing a brown blazer over a white turtleneck, she exuded charisma.

It was a style that would look perfect in the fashion powerhouse of Paris.

Phone-taken videos further showed off her stunning visuals up close. She looked like the top star she is even in unedited shots!

Confident, classy, and cool, that was Lisa!

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