BLACKPINK’s Rosé Gave Lisa A Heartwarming Gift While Filming “LALISA,” And Here’s The Touching Meaning Behind It

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently released her debut solo single, “LALISA,” and fans worldwide have been going crazy for the track! With its catchy tune, badass video, and just general awesomeness, it is definitely on repeat.

Yet, if there was anyone more excited than BLINKs about her debut, it had to be Lisa’s fellow members.

From Jisoo commenting throughout her live broadcast, Jennie helping with outfits, and Rosé being there for support, it feels like all of the members are more than just a group; they are a family. Even before the track was released, Lisa shared everything that the members had done to put her at ease, especially at times when she was feeling lonely.

In particular, during that broadcast, Lisa shared that Rosé had brought her some flowers to set at a time when Lisa was having an extremely tough time with filming the video.

Yet, when Lisa explained that the flowers were meaningful, it seemed as if it was more than just a nice gift from a friend. In fact, there was a more profound meaning as to why Rosé gifted her them.

During a recent interview with SINA Korean Entertainment, Lisa answered a number of fan questions. One of them asked about the support Lisa had received and which touched her the most.

Although she emphasized that all of the members came to visit her, Lisa focused on the gift from Rosé!

When asked why it touched her so much, Lisa couldn’t praise Rosé enough for her thoughtfulness when picking the gift. She explained, “I really liked it since it was a gift with meaning.”

As expected, the BLACKPINK members are truly thoughtful when it comes to each other. Although it might seem like a small gift, it meant the world to Lisa, and the message was what she needed during a tough day at filming. It also isn’t the first time Rosé sent flowers and even gave them to Lisa on her debut day!

Similarly, for Jisoo and Jennie, commenting on her broadcast and helping with outfits might seem small, but it would be the perfect thing she needed at a time she might’ve felt alone.

When it’s your first time filming alone, it can be a shock, and having the members there would’ve helped a lot! Once again, it shows the closeness of the members and how supportive they are of each other. You can watch the whole interview below.

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