Blackpink’s Rosé Nailed Barbiecore Even Before It Was Cool

Blackpink’s Rosé effortlessly embraced the Barbiecore trend long before it became a mainstream sensation. With her impeccable fashion sense and girly yet chic style, she embodied the essence of Barbiecore, inspiring fans worldwide to follow her trendsetting footsteps.

Real-life doll

Rose has time and again been hailed for her doll-like appearance. To top it off, she even has the fashion sense to match it!

This Barbie is fierce

​Rosé might be an absolute vision in her pink mini dress, but she sure is giving total boss babe vibes. ​

So glam

Rosie has been nailing Barbiecore since way before it took over the world. The proof is in these pics!


Rosé is hiding some of the cutest dresses in her closet!​


The Blackpink singer keeping majorly her hair blonde sure does help with her overall Barbie vibe!


Who can look so hot and cute at the same time? Only ​Rosé can relate​

Pretty in pink

Pink is SO Rosé’s colour, right? We can totally see why​

A total cutie

One look at Rosie and you can easily see why Blinks usually call her the Barbie of the group!

A total diva

Just another day of ​Rosé adding the pink in Blackpink!​

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