Here’s who beat Jennifer Aniston and Liz Hurley in ‘Hottest woman over 50’ poll

In a “Hottest Woman over 50” poll, Jennifer Aniston and Liz Hurley faced tough competition from other remarkable women. The coveted title went to another esteemed celebrity, demonstrating the diversity and timeless beauty of women in this age group.

While Aniston and Hurley are undeniably iconic figures in the entertainment industry, the winner of the poll proved to captivate voters with her unique charm and appeal.

The results reflect the subjective nature of beauty and the wide range of talented and accomplished women who continue to shine in their respective fields.

The outcome of the poll serves as a reminder that beauty and allure transcend age, and women over 50 continue to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

The recognition bestowed upon the winning woman and the acknowledgment of Aniston and Hurley’s enduring appeal highlight the powerful influence these celebrities have in shaping perceptions of beauty and aging in modern society.

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