Jennifer Aniston Remains Committed to Fitness: Pledges to Sport a ʙικιɴι at 80

Jennifer Aniston likes to live in the moment, but she does have a goal in mind for the future: stepping out on the beach in a ʙικιɴι when she’s 80! The actress is dedicated to fitness, and wants to keep it up the for the rest of her life!

Jennifer Aniston is just 46, so there’s a long way to go until potentially seeing Grandma Jen hit the beach in as two-piece. The Friends alum spoke to PEOPLE magazine about her fitness and beauty routines, and shared that they’re practices with lasting results.

“If I can be the first 80-year-old to go out there successfully in a ʙικιɴι then I’ll take that on! I don’t think anybody has to rein in anything because of an age,” Jennifer told PEOPLE magazine. “To people who say, you should dress your age, and all those sorts of stupid comments…to each his own!”

We have no doubts that she’s going to make this all come true! Jennifer has an amazing body, and she puts a lot of hard work and dedication into maintaining her physique.

But it’s not just about keeping weight off — it’s about feeling great all year long. “I keep it going throughout the year,” she told the mag.

“I stay physical so I can indulge and because it feels great, But it is harder to get yourself motivated when it’s cold and raining outside. You always feel pretty great when you’re done.”

Her hard work has totally paid off. Jennifer always looks amazing, whether she’s on the beach with H๏τ husband Justin Theroux, 44, (who apparently just looks that good naturally) or hitting up the red carpet.

Jennifer attended the 2016 Critics Choice Awards with Justin, who presented, and stole the whole show away from him in a slinky powder blue Saint Laurent slipdress! The light as air, flowy dress gave her a laid back, cool look on the fancy red carpet, but it still brought serious drama!

The long slit in the front showed off her toned and tanned gams, and the spaghetti straps let her sculpted shoulders shine. Always a dream!

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