LISA Embraces Korean Streetwear Brand, ACMÉ de la Vie (ADLV), in Style

LISA, the internationally acclaimed member of BLACKPINK, has once again captivated the fashion scene with her distinctive taste by embracing the Korean streetwear sensation, ACMÉ de la Vie (ADLV).

In a seamless blend of cultural influences, LISA flawlessly incorporated ADLV’s dynamic and urban designs into her wardrobe, showcasing a fashion-forward synergy that caught the world’s attention. As a trailblazer known for pushing boundaries, LISA’s collaboration with ADLV further solidifies her position as a style icon.



ADLV’s cutting-edge aesthetics, characterized by bold graphics and modern nuances, align perfectly with LISA’s innate ability to fuse innovation with personal flair. This partnership not only underscores LISA’s keen fashion sensibilities but also emphasizes ADLV’s global appeal and influence.

By confidently donning ADLV’s iconic pieces, LISA not only celebrates Korean streetwear but also sets a new benchmark for cross-cultural fashion alliances. Her endorsement undoubtedly amplifies ADLV’s prominence beyond Korean borders, resonating with admirers of streetwear and high fashion alike.

As LISA continues to shape and redefine trends, her collaboration with ADLV stands as a testament to her enduring impact on the fashion landscape.

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