Lisa from Blackpink Wearing Celine CL40194U Sunglasses with Braid

BLACKPINK’s Lisa, known for her dynamic performances and trendsetting fashion sense, has once again set the stage ablaze with her latest look. During a recent appearance, Lisa was spotted wearing the chic Celine CL40194U sunglasses, perfectly paired with a stylish braid.

The combination of these fashion elements exemplified her effortless style and garnered admiration from fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. In this article, we delve into Lisa’s stunning ensemble and explore the magic behind her ability to elevate any look with her unparalleled charm.

Lisa’s choice of the Celine CL40194U sunglasses showcased her impeccable taste in accessories. The oversized frames exude a sense of sophistication and glamor while providing optimal protection from the sun.

The sunglasses feature the iconic Celine logo and a unique angular design that complements Lisa’s angular facial features, making them an ideal choice to accentuate her striking beauty.

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