Megan Fox Flaunts Sun-Kissed Glow in Latest Skincare Campaign

Actress Megan Fox has been named the new face of Korean skincare brand, Belport. In the images, Megan rocks a black bodysuit with sheer cutouts and flawy fabric for dramatic effect. The raven-haired beauty wears her tresses in curly waves with a bronzed tan. See Megan in the behind the scenes video below.

Korean skincare is widely popular for its innovative composition and its ability to deliver the results customers are looking for. Whether you’re searching for products that can give you a more youthful appearance again or struggling with hormonal acne, you’ve likely invested in some Korean skincare products. If you don’t know what your skin issues are, it’s a good idea to meet with a dermatologist before you start splurging to make sure you’re targeting the correct issues.

If your problems are more common and self-diagnosed, you should treat them as soon as they arise before they become a more significant issue. Having products on hand like a stem cell face serum or red light therapy mask is excellent to keep your known issues at bay. However, the biggest mistake you can make in your skincare is not being diligent about it. Finding products that work for you is the first step to having morning and evening skin routines that deliver results.

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