‘Oh jeez’: Jennifer Aniston left red-faced as close friend Chelsea Handler calls her out on TV for showing her nipples

In a candid TV moment, Jennifer Aniston found herself in an amusingly embarrassing situation when her close friend Chelsea Handler playfully called her out for inadvertently revealing her nipples.

With a lighthearted “Oh jeez,” Aniston’s reaction was a mix of surprise and humor as Handler brought up the incident on live television.

The genuine camaraderie between the two friends shone through as they shared a good-natured laugh about the wardrobe mishap.

The playful exchange showcased Aniston’s ability to handle such situations with grace and a sense of humor, endearing her to fans even more.

It was a lighthearted reminder that even Hollywood stars like Aniston can have relatable moments that spark laughter and camaraderie among friends and fans alike.

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