Taylor Swift Has Been Treating the Sidewalk Outside Her Apartment Like a Runway Again

This week marked the one-year anniversary of That Time the Internet Decided Taylor Swift Was Hiding in a Suitcase. It was a different era, really, coming exactly one year after Kim Kardashian West slandered Swift on Snapchat — but before she made us all a little scared of her “big reputation.” Back then, the idea that Taylor Swift would choose to leave her Tribeca apartment curled up in a box like that guy from Ocean’s Eleven seemed somehow plausible. We wanted her to be in that box. No, we needed her to be in that box. We still might.

Swift is back in Tribeca again, eating all the banana-quinoa muffins at the Smile. (Dammit, Taylor!) But she made a point to exit her apartment on foot this week. Let’s examine the runway show she’s been putting on for the paparazzi, shall we?

On Sunday, Swift left her apartment wearing knee-high, suede Jimmy Choo boots, which seemed at odds with New York’s summer heat. On top, she wore a floral Faith Connexion Wrap Shirtdress, paired with Elie Saab sunglᴀsses and a Stella McCartney bag. The look signaled that Swift was here to put on a performance.

On Tuesday, Swift returned to an old friend: the Baby Romper. She took the look to the next level, though, by having her stylist, Joseph Cᴀssell, get one custom-made by designer Fausto Puglisi. Swift tried to make it look rock and roll with a snakeskin Kate Spade backpack — a nod to her new favorite emoji and motif — and platform Saint Laurent boots. Also notice the black nail polish.

On Wednesday, Swift wore the two-piece equivalent of a romper with jorts and a Madewell denim bustier top. These two pieces plus white sneakers and a Christian Louboutin spike backpack make her look like she’s on her way to day camp, not a dive bar on the Lower East Side.

That night, she threw an oversize, faux-bleached plaid shirt on to visit the studio. We don’t blame her for getting comfortable, but with all the money in the world, why would she choose that piece to put in her suitcase? At least she’s owning her look.

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