Taylor Swift hit the streets in a retro Penn top sourced by this Philly clothing curator

She’s got that red lip classic and a Penn sweatshirt.

Taylor Swift was spotted in New York on Wednesday rocking a retro University of Pennsylvania short-sleeved sweatshirt and denim shorts.

As it turns out, the navy blue top was sourced by Philly’s own master thrifter and clothing curator, Caitlin Driscoll of Peppered Goods.

Driscoll, 39, was in her Doylestown backyard hanging laundry when she received a text from the owner of 9th St. Vintage in New York this week. It was a photo from People Magazine of the pop star and Reading native in a henley-style shirt Driscoll had sold to the East Village shop earlier this summer.

For the vintage curator, it’s just the latest example of her secondhand gems finding new life. Driscoll — along with her husband, Dylan — started finding and selling vintage clothes and goods in 2008, including vintage pieces their newborn son had outgrown.

“Very quickly, a brick-and-mortar out of Boston reached out to me to see if I would curate a kids’ collection for them, and that led to me becoming a full-time vintage buyer for multiple stores worldwide,” she said. “Up until COVID-19, my husband and I mainly worked as buyers for other vintage shops. But we had to switch gears a little, and now, on top of still working for other shops, we sell on [Instagram].”

In Philly, Peppered Goods stocks a rack of curated, rotating vintage pieces at Moon + Arrow boutique in Queen Village.

As for Swift’s top, Driscoll told The Inquirer that it’s from the 1960s and was sold on Penn’s campus. The shirt sports the university’s crest on the left breast.

“It’s from a time when college pride was at an all-time high and it was worn just soft enough that it melts perfectly on your body,” she said. Swift paired the shirt with a crossbody bag from Mansur Gavriel and Ivy Park trail sneakers.

Driscoll said that 9th St. Vintage’s owner, Meridith Civorelli, purchases clothes from Peppered Goods a few times a month for the New York City store.

“Meridith let me know a few days ago when Taylor and her friend Margaret Qualley came into the shop [and] that they had both left with items she swiped from us,” Driscoll said. “Meri’s daughter is a huge Taylor Swift fan. So it’s cool to share these small joys with them. I definitely sent a screenshot to my teenage son [and] told him to show all his friends so maybe he’d think we were a little cooler than he does.”

For Sarah Kucharski, who runs Taylor Swift Styled — social media accounts and a blog devoted to chronicling Swift’s outfits over the years — the retro Penn top is a nod to the singer’s love for older pieces.

“[The outfit] proves Taylor’s ongoing penchant for shopping for unique and retro things and that she does indeed continue to pick up pieces for herself,” Kucharski said in a post about Swift’s outfit. “Something we’ve seen her do ever since the 2010s.”

Kucharski added, “And as a Philly girl, it’s not a stretch to see why Taylor was drawn to this University of Penn tee.”

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