These 20+ Photos Of BLACKPINK Lisa’s Short-Haired Visuals Will Have You Falling Even More In Love With Her

For BLACKPINK‘s latest comeback with “How You Like That”, Lisa had fans totally stunned with her new, dark-haired visuals! For the official comeback, she also cut her hair into a short bob, and proved she can pull off any style with her versatile visuals! Here are 20+ photos that show Lisa’s superior visuals with her dark, short bob that might inspire you to try it yourself!

1. Her black, short hair is so iconic!

2. She’s so gorgeous, it’s unreal!

3. Her black hair has us totally stunned!

4. That hair and that gaze is everything!

5. Lisa in this outfit is a cultural reset!

6. She’s the ultimate girl-crush visual!

7. Lisa in short black hair is a superior concept!

8. This was before “How You Like That”, but she’s still slaying her short-haired visuals!


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